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You’re About To Get More Benefits
Than You Can Count on 4 Hands

That’s over 20 benefits if you have 5 fingers on each hand.
Click the more popular ones below to discover a deeper explanation of each benefit.

  • 5% 401K Match

    Estimated value: $2,000/year

    5% 401K Match

    We match up to 5% of yearly salary. If you max your 401K at $20,500/year and make $120,000/year, we’ll give an extra $5,600/year.

  • 100% Health Insurance

    Estimated value: $5,300/year

    100% Health Insurance

    100% of your medical costs covered the first year. 100% for you, 50% for your dependents year two. 100% for you and your dependents year three and on.

  • Unlimited PTO

    Estimated value: $4,000/year

    Unlimited PTO

    We’re estimating 4 total weeks of PTO (average is 2 weeks in America). We believe in more time with friends and family, can you even put a price on that?

  • Retention Bonus

    Estimated value: $5,000/year

    Retention Bonus

    Keep over 95% of your clients for a full quarter and you’ll get a $2,500 bonus. You can get 4 bonuses per year, once per quarter.

  • Upsell Bonus

    Estimated value: $5,000/year

    Upsell Bonus

    You’ll get percentage points off of new total contract values when you help your client upsell to buy more services from us.

  • Case Study Bonus

    Estimated value: $2,000/year

    Case Study Bonus

    We pay $500 per case study to all operations team members involved in making the client happy. No limit on amount.

  • Life Insurance

    Estimated value: $600/year

    Life Insurance

    KlientBoost will cover up to $50,000 a year in life insurance. But we’d really prefer if your family never gets this money.

  • Gym Allowance

    Estimated value: $1,200/year

    Gym Allowance

    You pick the gym, we’ll pay up to $100/mo to satisfy the yoga, the bench press, the pilates, and cycling cravings you have.

  • Education Allowance

    Estimated value: $3,000/year

    Education Allowance

    Find a course or go to a conference. We’ll pay up to $1,000/year to help accelerate your building of new skills.

  • 3 Month M/Paternity

    Estimated value: Priceless
    Coming soon

    3 Month M/Paternity

    Not fair to put a value on this unless you’re about to birth. But it should be known that we support the building of healthy families.

  • Financial Planning

    Estimated value: $1,000/year

    Financial Planning

    Get unlimited financial coaching calls for you and your family to decrease debt and increase your net worth faster.

  • Mental Health Therapy

    Estimated value: $1,000/year
    Coming soon

    Mental Health Therapy

    Find your favorite licensed therapist and start talking about the things you’d like to improve.

You Control How Much Money
You Want To Make & How Fast Too

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We’re The Sum of All Our Parts
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grow each other.

  • Do you even lift your conversion rates? We do, and we’ve always taken the harder right vs the easier wrong.

  • Our balloon colors don’t match, but our swag sure does. We may not know how confetti cannons work, but damn do we know fashion.

  • We’ve officially hit photo studio capacity. We had to take our $10 million annual recurring revenue party to the ocean.

  • Hazmat suits and everything, COVID doesn’t stand a chance against the safety drip and confetti. Peep the celebration.

  • Winning best place to work during the Great Resignation? 2022 giving us too many reasons to celebrate!

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