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Our PPC Management Is The
Tree That Money Grows On

Yes, your parents lied to you. We also have
better performing PPC campaigns & PPC ads.

We Manage Your PPC Campaigns So You Don't Have To

Stop trying to guess what metrics mean and trying to figure out why your PPC ads aren't performing
as well as your social media ads. Let us manage your advertising campaigns so you can work on other things.

  • PPC Online Advertising Winners

    No one beats our PPC management services when you look at all of our digital marketing wins. You get results with us.

  • Campaign Management

    Social media or Google Ads (aka Google AdWords), doesn’t matter what social platform. We’re a/b testing all your current campaigns.

  • Keyword Research + More

    We don’t just stop there, but our keyword analysis takes your PPC campaigns and PPC ads further with our deep expertise.

Get More Pay Per Click Recommendations
Than Kisses From Your Aunt at a Christmas Party

Get an unfair advantage with the best PPC strategies
from our 250+ active clients that no other agency has.

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Team That Always Delivers Results?

We've got 200+ case studies, 600+ reviews, and loads
of video testimonials because of one thing. We get results.

Want Your PPC Management Strategy To Overdeliver?
Then It Should Include Everything Below

We think we've covered everything, but if we left something out,
just make a note and we'll include it in your marketing plan.

  • Optimizing Manual Bids
  • Call Tracking Options
  • Automatic Bid Enhancement
  • Improved Traffic
  • Keyword Match Type Testing
  • Tracking The ROI Loop
  • Improving Quality Score
  • Targeting For Display Campaigns
  • Split-Testing Ad/Image
  • Refined Analytics Data
  • Keyword Narrowing/Expansion
  • Modifying Bids
  • Surveillance Of Competitors
  • Location-Based Targeting
  • Utilizing Negative Keywords
  • Time-Based Targeting
  • Image Ad Development/Testing
  • Improved CTR Opportunities
  • Ad Group Creation Variety
  • YouTube Campaign Strategy Adjustment
  • Tapered Keyword Targeting
  • Increased Campaign Growth
  • Advanced Retargeting Campaigns
  • New Beta Releases
  • Persuasive Ad Copy
  • Optimized Dynamic Copy

Bullet Train or Horse & Buggy? We Let You Choose
The Pace And Price That Works For You

We’ll provide all the support you need to keep making progress towards your relevant campaign goals.

  • Most popular

    Ongoing PPC Management

    Didn’t go into business to be a PPC expert, or does it feel like your PPC efforts have been in vain? Let us do it for you (because that’s exactly why we went into business).

  • One-Time PPC Audit

    Don’t waste more time and money. Let’s show you exactly what to test next.

  • One-Time PPC Setup

    We build the PPC engine so you can avoid costly mistakes from the beginning.

  • Ongoing PPC Consulting

    You do the work, but we show you how to get the most out of your efforts.

  • Pure PPC Campaign Performance

    A stronger revenue sharing partnership that lets us invest in your growth.

Every Epic PPC Management
Story Begins With
A Free Marketing Plan

Ready To Scale Even More? We’ve Mastered
The Major (And Minor) PPC Channels

We aren’t one-trick ponies. We’re ready to help you
gain ROI from any PPC opportunity out there.

And many more...

We’re Not Into Blind Dates,
So Meet Your Team Before You Commit

Besides, they love showing off their technical skills,
marketing prowess, and weird party tricks.

Reporting & Communication
Custom Made To How You Want It

Get your metrics, advertising strategies, timelines, and more through
your favorite mediums so you're always up to date.

We Get Lots Of Great Questions,
Here Are Some Of Our Favorites

Still have a question we didn't answer? Include it in
your marketing plan request and we'll get it answered.

  • 1

    Why is PPC so popular?

    PPC campaigns are typically one of the first digital marketing strategies to consider.  It is relatively quick to set up, results are easily tracked (ie Google Analytics) and there are many levers that can be pulled to create an efficient program to attract your target audience. Traffic volume is plentiful as users continue to turn to search engines to answer their questions. With enough advertising budget, you can start earning quality traffic to your site within hours.  

  • 2

    What is PPC Management?

    As a PPC management agency, we look at all of your accounts and manage every aspect of paid ads on a myriad of channels. We do things like keyword research, A/B testing, brand awareness campaigns, search ads, remarketing, display ads, target audience building, and so much more so that your PPC marketing is top-notch.

    We give you a dedicated account manager who knows everything there is to know about PPC. From Google shopping to Bing ads, to overall marketing strategies to increase click-through rates, conversion rates, and return on investment. Our strategists will work hard to build you the best campaigns that make you the most money. There is nothing in the digital marketing world that we can’t do.

  • 3

    Can my competitors target my branded keyword list with PPC?

    As frustrating as it is, the answer is yes, and it is a common tactic. This was justified in a few court cases by well-known brands, in which Google prevailed. Google spokespeople explained the justification by comparing in-person shopping. If you went to a store to purchase a specific brand of shampoo, let’s say, then the store will also show you all of the available shampoos available, not just the one that you are looking for. Similarly, when searches query a brand like yours others should have the opportunity to promote theirs.

    There is a bit of good news. Although competitors can BID on your brand name, they may NOT include any of your trademarks in their copy.  If they do, you can ask their ads to be reviewed.

  • 4

    What’s your minimum contract length?

    We don’t try to lock clients into some oppressive, year-long deals. When you have big dreams, though, sometimes it takes a while to get there. Your business goals will match the commitment we recommend.

  • 5

    Can I still access my data if I leave?

    We know some agencies hold your data and creative hostage to try to keep you from leaving. We want you to stay because you love us, not because of some power struggle. So we happily give you everything we make on your behalf.

  • 6

    Will I have access to my accounts when I want?

    We have nothing to hide. That’s why we give you administrative access from day one.

  • 7

    Do you charge a flat fee or percentage of ad spend?

    We hate to say, “It depends,” but . . . . it does. We have different pricing models depending on the type and scope of your goals.

  • 8

    How large should my ad spend be to work with you?

    We work with a large spectrum of clients, with ad spends from $5,000 to over $1,000,000 per month.

  • 9

    Do you specialize in a certain PPC niche?

    Lead gen, SaaS, eCommerce – we can do it all, and we have. See our case studies with over 200 published examples.

  • 10

    If I already have ad accounts. Will you create new ones?

    Great! We prefer to use the accounts you already have, but we will make new ones if you need them.

  • 11

    Will you keep me updated frequently?

    We let you dictate the communication terms. We can send reports as often as you like in whatever format you prefer.

  • 12

    Should I look out for extra fees?

    Not on our watch. We want to be a partner who delivers results, so we won’t nickel and dime you for meetings or extra phone calls.

  • 13

    When can we get started?

    Our receptionist is staring at the phone right now in anticipation of your call. Make it ring at (877) 501-3447.

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