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Marketing, Fast and Slow

An evidence-based growth framework that explores the unchanging principles underpinning marketing effectiveness. Discover how the worlds of brand, demand, and activation collide to achieve long-term, sustainable growth. Marketing geeks only.

Introduction: Marketing's Existential Crisis

Weโ€™ve grown into an industry full of artists, storytellers, relationship builders, community builders, showrunners, content creators, hackers, optimizers, evangelists, and romantics. But nobody wants to be a marketer. Is it really any wonder that marketing has failed to drive sustainable growth over the last decade?ย 

Chapter 2: Unifying Our Discipline

Marketing needs a media-agnostic, cross-departmental, evidence-based framework that simplifies, codifies, and connects everyone in marketing- specialist to specialist – so that it actually works. Luck for you, we have it: Marketing, Fast and Slow.

Chapter 3: Building A Brand

Ask 100 marketers what brand building means, get 100 different answers. In this chapter, we provide a better, more practical definition of “brand” along with the steps needed to build one. The secret to long-term, profitable growth isn’t more sales today; it’s a stronger brand tomorrow. And we have the proof.ย 

Chapter 4: Accelerating Demand

Demand generation is all the buzz. But in this chapter, we explore why brands can’t actually create demand, how supplying demand accelerates adoption, and how in-market and out-market demand acceleration follow two different playbooks.

Chapter 5: Capturing Demand Efficiently

Capturing market demand comes down to two simple but difficult tasks: being easy to find and buy. In this chapter, we explore why demand capture only targets immediate prospects (not all in-market buyers) and how it makes sure people who like you follow through on that intent.

Wrapping Up: The Future Is Fundamentals

The next decade of marketing wonโ€™t be defined by theory; it will be defined by execution. The challenge will be figuring out how to make Marketing, Fast and Slow work in an imperfect world with limited budgets, high leadership turnover, organizational inertia, CFO distrust, short-term comp plans, 2-person teams, and pressure to earn sales yesterday.ย