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The Always Updated Email Marketing Guide
That’ll Make You More Money

From fundamentals to advance strategies, learn to build a quality subscriber list,
drive more traffic, and increase revenue just like the email marketing pros.

Chapter 1: Email Marketing Fundamentals

What You’ll Learn: Email marketing can be a complex maze, so we break down the need-to-know basics with easy-to-follow instructions.

Chapter 2: Email Design and Copy

What You’ll Learn: With the basics down, we’re ready to dive into the 101 of actually creating your revenue-driving emails.

Chapter 3: Email Marketing Strategies and Tips

What You’ll Learn: The best email marketing is done with business goals in mind. Learn the strategies to employ and tips to take things to the next level.

Chapter 4: Email Types and Examples

What You’ll Learn: Email marketing can support every part of the funnel. Learn about the different types and see creative examples that’ll leave you inspired.

Chapter 5: eCommerce Email Marketing

What You’ll Learn: Learn to create a relationship with your audience, recover abandoned carts and upsell your current customer using email marketing for eCommerce.

Chapter 6: B2B Email marketing

What You’ll Learn: Ideal for nurturing customers along the often long, drawn-out customer journey, learn how marketing can play a crucial role in keeping your funnel moving.


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Chapter 7: Email Statistics & KPIs

What You’ll Learn: Dive deep into industry averages and see how you compare so you can know if your KPIs are where they need to be or could be.


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