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56 Scroll-Stopping Instagram Ad Examples

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The stage is set. You’ve decided to advertise on Instagram, finalized the ad budget, and have spent hours browsing for the best Instagram ad examples on the platform.

Just as you start planning your Instagram advertising campaign, you're hit with a sudden realization: all that inspiration you saved mentally? You remember nothing. Zilch.

How many pictures were there in Chewy’s carousel ad? What was that audio in Tommy Hilfiger’s reel? How long was MAC’s video ad?


No worries. We scrolled for literally hours on end to compile a list of the best examples of Instagram ads (and that abide by our best Instagram ad tips).

Before we get started, let’s refresh your memory for a bit. Here are the eight best Instagram ad tips:

  1. Check off the 5 W's—who, what, where, when, and why
  2. Swap commercialized imagery for motion-based visuals
  3. Tell a story through your video ads
  4. Use trending audio and visuals when creating Instagram ads
  5. Focus on your audience’s preferences and requirements
  6. Partner with influencers for better-targeted reach
  7. Use user-generated content (UGC) as your ad creative
  8. Make an ad that doesn’t look like an ad

We got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s jump right in.

Not in the mood to scroll through all 50+? No prob. 

Go straight for the type of inspo you’re looking for:

🏆 The BEST of the BEST (top 5 can’t-miss examples)  🏆

Instagram ad examples by creative type and placement

The best Instagram image ad examples

The best Instagram video ad examples

The best Instagram carousel ad examples

The best Instagram stories ad examples

Instagram ad examples by content focus and goals

The best Instagram ad copy examples

The best B2B Instagram ad examples

The best Instagram ad examples with promotional offers

The best testimonial Instagram ad examples

The best Instagram influencer ad examples

🏆 The BEST of the BEST 🏆

If you ONLY see 5 examples, these are the ones you seriously can’t miss. They nail every single aspect of Instagram ads and should set the standard for all Instagram ads. Bold, I know.


What works:

  • Captions in addition to sound
  • Clearly addresses the pain point they solve within the first 2 seconds
  • Bright, quick, visually interesting

This truly eye-catching ad from Sidio does an amazing job at selling their product. They don’t overcomplicate it or overproduce it. They let the product and its benefits do the talking—and just in case the viewer needs more, they explain everything in voiceover AND captions. 

The cherry on top? They end it all with a clear, easy CTA.

2. Vuori

What works:

  • Scroll-stopping copy
  • Social proof
  • Clear product benefits

This Vuori ad has all the components of what makes a purchase. Leading the ad with a note that the joggers sold out three times, stops you. Then they give you an idea of why by giving a look at all the product details. If you’re not sold by then, Vuori hits you with social proof. 13,500+ reviews AND direct pull quotes from some of those reviews. Sold, sold, sold.

3. Billo

What works:

  • Includes a good promotion
  • Provides clear benefits (increased sales and saved money)
  • Engaging visuals
  • Product samples
  • Real numbers in results

Any person with a business that needs videos from creators is going to stop at this ad. It’s bright and sticks out for multiple reasons. It talks directly to a clear target audience by presenting the promotion to the description of the benefits the service offers. I love how they also include examples of creator videos that have been used. The cherry on top of this one is that they also provide real number results for each example.

4. PupSocks

Cute dog images always have users hitting ‘Share’

What works:

  • Very adorable
  • The product is 100% clear just through visuals

This PupSocks ad hits all the right notes. From the ad copy to visuals, it successfully makes the product and the whole process of making the socks very clear. If you notice the copy isn’t overly clever or witty—it just uses simple language to get its message across clearly. 

Plus they slip in the tidbit that they’ve already sold 1.3 million socks, which helps give them credibility. 

5. Copilot

What works:

  • Smooth storytelling using tweets
  • The no-nonsense design keeps the focus on testimonials

This Instagram ad highlights how you can let testimonials do the selling for you.

What we like most about the ad is the effortless storytelling. At the start, we see a Twitter user asking her followers whether switching to Copilot from Mint is a good decision. What follows is a series of replies from her followers, all singing praises of Copilot. Taking its testimonial ad a step further, Copilot adds a few images of its app towards the end, showcasing its user-friendly interface.

The social proof leads the ad, they tie it all together by giving a peek into what the app looks like, and they even provide a promo code in the caption.

Instagram ad examples by creative type and placement

Instagram allows you to connect differently with your target audience. You can choose from various ad formats to present your product and services to your target audience, as well as decide the placement for each ad on Instagram.

Note: When choosing a specific ad type or placement, you’ll also have to consider ad dimensions, file sizes, character limits, among other factors, for each option.

Best Instagram image ad examples

Instagram is a highly visual platform, but that doesn’t mean you need the best photographer ever out there.

In our experience, we found:

  • Simplicity shouldn’t be understated
  • Eye-catching visuals that look native to the platform bring the best results
  • Using bold colors can immediately make your ads pop
  • One should avoid using chunky blocks of paragraph-style copy

With just a little bit of creativity and following a few best practices, you can achieve your marketing objectives.

6. Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay
Beauty Bay uses striking bold colors to present its latest range of colorful blushes

What works:

  • Bold color palette
  • Puts the spotlight on the products

This simple Instagram photo ad perfectly resonates with the fun, cute vibe of Beauty Bay. A closeup of the colorful blushes against a complementing background is sure to stop Instagram users mid-scroll.

7. OptiMonk

OptiMonk uses its brand colors—orange, black, and white—for all their Instagram ads

What works:

  • Uses brand colors for improved brand retention
  • Provides social proof

When we say use color, you don’t always have to go bright and loud. You can always stick with your brand colors—and include a brand mascot—like this OptiMonk ad to create brand awareness and improve brand recall. Adding a 5-star review from an actual customer builds social proof.

8. Eusoh

Eusoh keeps its ads relevant by using creatives with pets – source

What works:

  • Direct connection between the ad and the brand—animals
  • Lean design with minimal copy keeps the focus on Eusoh's value prop

This is a series of Instagram ads KlientBoost created for Eusoh, a community-based pet insurance alternative. We’ve used high-quality (and very adorable) closeups of pets and paired them with the brand’s value proposition (“the cheapest alternative to pet insurance“). A bright, solid-color background makes sure the furries have your full attention.


Creative ad from WGSN

What works:

  • Striking graphic design elements  
  • Actionable CTA to drive the message home  

WGSN ads have a unique flair, thanks to the use of smart graphics

This image ad proves you don't always need an elaborate image or clever text to make your Instagram ads pop. It’s designed to promote WGSN‘s white paper that highlights key strategies to innovate towards a more sustainable future. 

The ad uses unique graphic design elements, such as leaves and a mountain backdrop, to deliver its ‘sustainably is the future’ message, for a distinct flair. A ‘Download’ CTA allows users to get the white paper right from their Instagram account. 

10. Italic

Comparison image ad from Italic

What works:

  • Competitor comparison highlight
  • Real numbers

Customers will only give your product or service a shot if you can clearly communicate its value—how the offer benefits them. And what better way to do this than showing them what they truly pay for? AND they help you remember what you really value—quality.

Best Instagram video ads examples

If there’s anything more famous than Instagram posts, it’s Instagram videos and reels. While image ads have their own charm, they don’t have the same appeal as videos. In fact, studies found that video ads bring in 270% more leads than images.

Here are a few best practices to make yours stand out in comparison to your competitors:

  • Use short, descriptive captions
  • The first few seconds is everything—get the user hooked right off the bat
  • Include your branding at the end
  • Don’t forget to add a CTA!

11. Summer Salt

Summer Salt communicates the value of its products through their ads

What works:

  • Fun and energetic vibe
  • Shows product in context—the swimwear collection is comfortable enough to dance in

This short video ad does an excellent job at catching one’s attention right away with its infectious energy. The models are wearing Summer Salt’s stretchy and stylish swimwear pieces and are shown dancing and having fun. It’s the authenticity of it all that keeps you hooked till the end.

12. Ricola

Ricola's Instagram before-and-after concept ads make an instant impression on users

What works:

  • Unique mind-game
  • Animated motion graphics provide context and add visual interest

This is our personal favorite. It plays mind-games by making you think you’re looking at a friend’s Instagram post...then an avalanche covers the post. Makes you stop and think. A+ creativity.

13. Marion’s Kitchen Facebook Ads

Marions Kitchen
Video ads can also be GIF-style, using just a little motion – source

What works:

  • Uses just a little motion to catch the eye
  • Bright, bold colors

Another KlientBoost creation, this ad puts Marion’s Kitchen All Access, a monthly subscription box full of goodies, at the center stage. We’ve highlighted the four main sauces offered by the brand in an understated yet effective way. By adding a subtle animation, we’re able to catch attention.

14. Levity.ai

Levity.ai uses bite-sized and benefit-focused text fortis video ad

What works:

  • Bold color palette
  • Benefit-focused copy from the user’s perspective

This Instagram ad is another one of our favorites. A moving disco ball against a bold, purple setting serves as the perfect backdrop for the white text that informs users about the various use-cases of Levity.ai‘s solution.

We like how the brand keeps the copy bite-sized and benefit-focused. In just under 10 seconds, you know exactly what to expect should you sign up for the product—all nicely packaged in a minimalist video ad.

15. Ad World

Add captions for your video ads to deliver your message clearly

What works:

  • Educational content relevant to targeted customers
  • Video captions improve comprehension of, attention to, and memory for the video

This ad promotes a worldwide advertising event, so it makes sense it’s using material centered around advertising to get the user’s attention. 

It shows a narrator discussing effective copywriting hooks, but it’s the video’s captions that make it stand out for us. Not only does this help the user understand the ad, but also encourages them to pay attention till the very end and remember the ad long after seeing it.

Carousel ads allow you to show off multiple products in a single post. Alternatively, you can use these multiple-image posts to display more sides of your product or service to users. Either way, you can boost awareness for your brand or simply show how versatile your product can be. 

Here are a few carousel ad best practices to keep in mind:

  • Stick to creative, minimalist designs
  • Use lots of visual cues, such as stitched graphics or large arrows, to entice viewers to click through
  • Show off different products or answer different pain points in each slide
  • Include a mixture of images and videos

16. Billshark

Billshark uses ads to give step-by-step instructions to its users – source

What works:

  • Consistent color scheme throughout
  • A step-by-step narrative that encourages scrolling

We created this carousel ad for Billshark, a software that helps users save on monthly bills easily. The visual has a relaxed setting to communicate how easy paying bills can be from home. 

Don’t miss out on how each ad has a relevant CTA with a one-line copy explaining a benefit.

17. Enboarder

Carousel ads are perfect to tell brand stories—the ‘what,‘ ‘why,‘ and ‘how‘ 

What works:

  • Tells a story—the ‘what,‘ ‘why,‘ and ‘how‘ of the service
  • Maintains a consistent color scheme

This Enboarder ad example has various elements to make it stand out. 

First, each slide informs users about an ongoing trend and ends with a strong question that makes the reader think about how to stand out from their competition. Second, the ad creative for each slide effectively positions Enboarder's services as the best answer to the previous question. Third, a consistent color scheme in brand colors helps promote brand retention.

Another example of effective storytelling using different creatives.

We also like how the ad ends with a simple CTA, encouraging users to learn more about how Enboarder works.

18. Kajabi

Kajabi uses visual cues in their carousel

What works:

  • Visual CTAs to scroll
  • Value-focused captions discuss the product’s more premium elements

Carousel ads aren't valuable if people don't scroll through them. Kajabi knows that. They encourage users to go through each slide of the carousel by using visual CTAs (the hands and arrows as well as graphics that extend from one slide to the next). They also imply that by scrolling through, that you "unlock access."

On top of the visual cues, they utilize every slide. It reads like a story, progressing from top to bottom so users get all the info they need to be convinced to get started.

19. Blue Apron

Blue Apron
Blue Apron uses carousel ads to show customers its diverse range of meal plans

What works:

  • Shows off product variety
  • Cleverly placed and written copy pop up against the bold background

This carousel Instagram ad shows off different plan options. It tells the user that Blue Apron has a diverse range of offerings, perfect for any family size or food preference. We also like how the last image includes a hard-to-resist offer, encouraging viewers to act and get their free meals stat.

20. hims

A neutral color scheme for Instagram ads is equally effective if done right

What works:

  • Shows aesthetically-pleasing closeups of each product
  • Follows a consistent monotone color scheme from frame to frame

Contrary to most of the Instagram and examples on our list, this hims carousel ad swaps bold hues for a neutral color scheme that’s both on-brand and soothing, plus it stays consistent throughout the ad. 

Another reason for choosing this color scheme is to lower the intimidation factor. 

hims offers solutions for problems its target audience, men, are generally uncomfortable to discuss, like erectile dysfunction and hair loss. This ad is designed keeping in mind this discomfort and attempts to show him products in real and in use without any crude implications.

A great example of subtle yet effective marketing.

Best Instagram stories ad examples

There was a time when Stories meant Snapchat, but Instagram has truly made the feature it's own. After Instagram Stories launched, a new door opened for marketers everywhere, with more and more brands using it with great results. 

Instagram Stories is all you need, whether you want to promote your podcast, display products or testimonials, or encourage participation for contests and giveaways. While there are tons of things you can do with this feature, you have to remember certain rules and best practices for best results:

  • The first few seconds are everything—your story ads must stand out even more than your organic posts
  • Follow that 3 C’s for your ad message: clear, concise, and captivating 
  • Position your text elements strategically 
  • Always good to include motion and sound in your ads
  • Choose your call-to-actions wisely, or else viewers won’t know what to do next

21. Otta

Play around with transitions and graphics to make an instant eye-catching ad—just like this one from Otta

What works:

  • Striking transitions
  • Different color backgrounds, elements, and motion keep users hooked
  • Effective copy

Otta has mastered impactful advertising, and this ad is the perfect example.

It uses various transitions to take users through different aspects of the ad. It starts by informing users of job opportunities in a specific city (Los Angeles), followed by naming popular companies looking to hire talent. Otta then uses another transition to reassure users it only features jobs “at the most exciting and innovative places to work.”

It’s like an entire movie packed in a fast-paced, colorful Story ad.

22. Digital Marketer

Storytelling is incredibly critical for effective Instagram Story Ads

What works:

  • Unique game-like ad format to instantly grab user’s attention
  • Succinctly describes its core product (consumer value journey) in line with the limited time frame
  • An appealing CTA and offer (14-day free trial)

When looking for good Instagram story ad examples, this Digital Marketer ad immediately stood it.

It shows the different stages a user has to go through before reaching the endpoint of the consumer value journey in a game-like format. Aside from the fun narrative, the ad clearly explains an otherwise complicated field of digital marketing in a simple and engaging manner. 

A white color backdrop keeps your attention on the man throughout.

23. Oxbridge

Lose that "salesy" feel from your Instagram ads by using realistic images and videos – source

What works:

  • High-quality, aesthetically-pleasing images
  • Doesn’t look like an ad

KlientBoost designed this series of Instagram story ad designs for Immerse Education, an educational experience that takes place in Oxbridge campuses. Instagram's best ad tips dictate a good ad shouldn’t look like an ad, and that’s exactly the ideology we followed for these ads. 

Considering we want to showcase an immersive educational experience in Oxbridge, the ad uses aesthetically-pleasing photos showing students in different parts of Oxbridge. When you see these ads while swiping stories on Instagram, it won’t feel like you’re being forcefully sold to—you’ll only see students living the Oxbridge experience.

24. V-MAT Home

Show a physical product live in action to display value

What works:

  • Simple and relevant imagery keeps the focus on the product 
  • Clearly display the pain points the product solves

This V-MAT Home story ad does a really good job of using simple imagery to show off product benefits in bulletin style. If you go through the benefits, you'll realize these are exactly what you would look for when buying a mat—durability, stain resistance, easy to clean, and so on. Even the pain points the product solves are explained concisely.

A nice jingle makes a good addition to catch (and hold) your attention.

25. Kiehl’s

Kiehl’s uses product-relevant accessories to bring more value to its ad

What works:

  • Uses a soothing color scheme to avoid overwhelming the user
  • A product-relevant ad that explains the problem the product solves

Avocados are known for their nourishing properties and Instagram-perfect aesthetic. Kiehl’s decides to use this to its advantage by creating an avocado-infused eye cream and using fresh avocados as an accessory to promote it.

The ad also looks very authentic, thanks to the soothing color palette and a real-life kitchen setup. A super short copy informs users how to use the moisturizing cream—to remove their dark circles. 

Instagram ad examples by content focus and goals

Another way to differentiate between Instagram ads is your content focus and goals

By content focus, we mean the way you sell your product. Sometimes your focus can be on the product, sometimes on a service. Based on this, you’ll have either a B2B or B2C-focused copy. You can also use testimonials to lend more credibility to your ad and brand.

By ad goals, we mean your campaign objective, AKA this:

Create ads on Instagram according to your campaign objective

CTAs play an incredibly critical role here, so make sure you choose them carefully for your ads. Here are KlientBoost’s top two tips to pick a relevant and effective Instagram ad CTA:

  • Think about why the prospect would click the CTA button
  • Consider what the prospect will get when clicking the button

Let’s go through the various ad examples now, shall we?

Best Instagram ad copy

Many marketers don’t realize the power of a strong, actionable ad copy and how it can be a driving force in helping customers choose your product or service over your competitors. Think of it as a delicious, juicy cherry served with impactful and creative visuals.

Here’s what the best Instagram ad copies are made of:

  • A strong call-to-action button that reinforces what do you want the users to do
  • Short sentences and bulleted copy that are well-spaced out
  • Smart use of emojis and visuals to enhance the message and form emotional communications
  • Having a human voice—nothing salesy or robotic-sounding stuff

26. WP Engine

WP Engine
Start your ad copy with a question—one that makes the customer say ‘yes‘

What works:

  • Asks a question the user is thinking
  • A ‘Download’ CTA to get users to download its lead magnet

This sponsored post about WordPress starts with the question, “Looking to start a new WordPress site?“ The good thing about questions is it hooks the reader right off the bat. Plus, considering WP Engine wants to target beginners, AKA anyone who has considered creating a website recently, it’s also relevant to its target audience.

Even the copy in the ad “Launch a website like a pro!” resonates with people wanting to start a new WordPress website. Lastly, the ‘Download’ CTA clearly lays out the next step for the user to download the lead magnet.

27. Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer
Strong copywriting can make a HUGE difference for your ad copy

What works:

  • Excellent copywriting
  • Puts the discounted price beside the model for instant visibility and awareness 

“Weather any storm.” That’s it. 

In just three words, this ad copy tells the user the benefit of purchasing an Eddie Bauer jacket. Placing the discounted price of the jacket right next to the model gives the user further incentive to check out the brand’s outerwear collection and take advantage of the amazing deals.

28. SEMrush

Good ad copywriting doesn’t always mean short. It can also be elaborate and long—provided it has value

What works:

  • Emojis enhance the ad copy
  • Long-form content effectively elaborates on the subject the ad photo touches on

Contrary to popular belief, long-form content can make for highly effective ad copy. Instagram captions can be up to 2,200 characters long, so why not make most of it?

SEMrush uses this approach for its Instagram ads to elaborate on the concept of T-shaped marketing. Not only does following this approach allow the company to elaborate on the advice the ad graphic hints at, but it also explains how signing up for their academy courses can help the viewer.

A little sprinkling of fun emojis helps enhance the copy, balancing an otherwise serious narrative.

29. Meta for Business 

Use stats to add credibility to your product's USP or ad claims

What works:

  • Includes stats to back up claims 
  • A clear CTA with an arrow asking users to download industry report

Everything about this Meta for Facebook Instagram ad is copywriting at its finest. 

The ad offers an expert-created lead magnet that will help marketers grow their business by measuring marketing. It also includes a stat to lend more credibility to the ad and has text urging the user to download the report and get industry recommendations for business growth. 

30. Hashtag Expert

A good ad copy should emphasize the user’s pain point and provide a corresponding solution to it

What works:

  • Directly highlights user pain point
  • Attention-grabbing motion graphics and transitions 

This Instagram ad starts by highlighting a key social media marketing pain point: the platform algorithm. Hashtag Expert then positions its AI Hashtag service as an effective solution to the pain point, helping users maximize their reach and get more likes on Instagram.

An ‘Instal Now’ CTA helps Hashtag Expert realize its campaign objective of getting people to install its app.

Best B2B Instagram ad examples

There are all kinds of brands—each selling their own product or service. You’ll find companies selling products, as well as companies selling a service.

Having handled ad accounts for several B2B companies and brands, here our KlientBoost’s top B2B Instagram ad example tips:

  • Always lead with value and highlight product or service USPs
  • Keep the ad consistent with your branding while being native to the platform
  • Make the ad from your customer’s perspective
  • Use eye-catching and impactful elements and a strong CTA

31. Emotive

Graph image from Emotive for Instagram ad

What works:

  • Uses numbers
  • Shows benefits

Specific numbers sell. By showing the build up to 27X ROAS, viewers will be convinced of their credibility. 

Including the graph also helps to put their product in perspective to other B2B advertising options, making their product look pretty dang good. Sometimes a simple graph can do a lot of talking.

The content makes sense for the CTA of “learn more.” It introduces a big opportunity rather than shoving product into someone’s face.

32. Chargebee

Chargebee keeps its Instagram ads very SaaS-specific and relevant

What works:

  • Bold color background
  • Clearly lists product benefits
  • Easy to identify who the product is for

This Chargebee Instagram Story ad was designed keeping the fast Instagram Story format in mind. 

Chargebee uses a different color font to highlight its target audience (SaaS businesses) and has a bulletin USP list of the benefits users can expect if they sign up for its service. But, for us, it’s how it uses an ideal situation of SaaS business users to their advantage that takes the cake. Gets users looking to take their business global to take action right away.

Adding a character graphic commonly associated with the SaaS niche is a fun touch.

33. Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus uses different color fonts to drive its message home

What works:

  • Effective ad copy explaining automation benefits 
  • Sleek motion graphics

Shopify Plus is arguably the industry standard for all things eCommerce, so it makes sense its ad targeted at eCommerce sellers is equally great. This Instagram Story ad cleverly gets them interested in automation by indicating how users can sell more while doing less. 

Using a neon color for the keyword (automation) makes it stand against the black background. We also like the moving gears graphic. This brings more interest to the ad while staying true to its message. 

34. Omneky

Use graphs and infographics to add more credibility to your ads

What works:

  • Clearly mentions pain point 
  • Use of graphs to support their claim of data-driven ad generation
  • Minimalist design

This Omneky ad targets a common issue faced by marketers: tackling the challenges brought forward by iOS14. 

Its ad copy directly addresses the issue at hand, making it more likely to catch the user’s attention—in this case, people struggling with iOS14. Moreover, using Omneky’s interface as a design element lends more credibility to the company’s data-driven ad generation feature. 

While the ad is minimalist, Omneky has explained the feature in more detail in its caption. This allows them to pitch their services to the users without being too pushy.

35. Funnel.io

Funnel.io uses its brand colors to create a connection between its brand and their ads

What works:

  • Branded color scheme promotes brand awareness and retention
  • Ad copy includes powerful words like ‘Get rid‘ and ‘free‘

Similar to Omneky, Funnel.io takes a direct approach and tells viewers how it can help viewers. This makes the solution tempting for anyone wanting to get rid of manual marketing reporting and get better marketing insights.

Mentioning a free trial in the ad copy is another clever tactic to increase trial signups. It reassures users they can test-drive Funnel.io features without making a monetary commitment.

36. B12

Carousel ads allow B2B marketers to showcase different features of their products – source

What works:

  • Effective before-and-after concept
  • Client testimonial builds credibility 

B12 uses carousel ads to tell the story of how it transformed Founder Collective’s website through four simple images. The first two cards show a before and after of the site, proving B12’s expertise. Adding a testimonial from the co-founder of Founder Collective in the third card backs up the results.

The last and final card includes an actionable CTA, bringing an appropriate end to the story. Pretty amazing, right?

Most engaging Instagram ad examples

Who says Instagram ads have to be boring? There’s so much you can do to engage with your viewers and convert them into loyal customers.

Below are our go-to strategies to create engaging and shareable ads for our clients.

  • Make your content shareable by using topics, ideas, stories that your target audience can connect with
  • Ask questions—insightful or random, anything works
  • Host an exciting contest or do a giveaway
  • Take advantage of polls and quizzes
  • Make it funny—nothing works better than humor

37. Yoga International

Yoga International
Polling is an excellent tactic to engage with users—you also get to know about customer preferences

What works:

  • Poll creates excitement
  • Simple image relevant to the advertised promotional

If keeping it simple is more up your alley, use polls to make your Instagram story ads more engaging. 

Poll stickers will make your content more interactive and authentic—kinda like regular stories. This Yoga International poll got the company 18% of its total signups during its advertisement campaign. One of the biggest reasons for this is, of course, the enticing 30-day free yoga offer. Showing a woman doing yoga lends authenticity, too.

38. Uber

Don’t miss out on using user-generated content for your Instagram ads

What works:

  • User-generated content encourages users to post more regarding Uber
  • Relatable funny event makes it shareable

User-generated content is a low-cost, relatable, and effective way to create shareable ads on Instagram. Take this Uber ad, for instance.

It’s a simple tweet screenshot with a look and feel of general Instagram meme posts, Which is exactly the kind of content people share on the story or with their friends. If you don’t want something humorous, you can use customer testimonials or reviews when experimenting with user-generated content.

39. KlientBoost

Offer an interactive quiz to boost ad post shareability

What works:

  • Fun graphics with a thought-provoking question
  • (Relevant) quiz arouses people’s interest

We created this Instagram video ad using random smiley-faced motion graphics that unveil our micro quiz. People running Google ads, who are also a part of our intended audience, can take the quiz to learn more about their advertising campaigns.

The fact that the user doesn’t have to enter their email to get the results makes them more likely to take the quiz and potentially sign up for our services.

40. Clarins

Hold giveaways to give back to your community and promote loyalty

What works:

  • Fun activity makes giveaway interesting 
  • Provides clear instructions to participants

What could be more engaging than a fun unscrambling activity clubbed with a giveaway?

This ad is Clarins’ way of giving back to its community. More importantly, it generates enough interest to actively boost brand awareness, follower count, and sales.

It gives users a challenge where they have to unscramble a word—all the while keeping it super simple. While there’s a small hint for users, those seeing the ad for the first time are likely to visit Clarins‘ website or Instagram profile to figure out the answer, which in turn, will result in greater engagement.

41. Vyond

Vyond uses colors and fun graphic elements to ensure their story ad stands out

What works:

  • Incorporates a lot of different elements—and does it well!
  • Bold color palette 

This ad by Vyond is as engaging as an ad can be. You’ve got splashes of solid colors, seamless transitions, and fun graphic elements that immediately catch your attention and keep you hooked till the very end.

Aside from the visual appeal, the ad also packs tons of information about Vyond‘s animation services, complete with a CTA that viewers can click to learn more.

Best Instagram ads with promotional offers

As a business owner, you already know the importance of having promotional ads. Whether it’s celebrating a holiday, getting rid of old inventory, or simply wanting to give sales a boost, promotional ads on Instagram can work like magic based on your campaign objectives.

But there’s a catch: you still need to stand out so that users click on your ads and not your rivals.

Here are some of the best ways to advertise your promotion on Instagram:

  • Mention your offer clearly 
  • Use numbers instead of words—for instance, ‘Buy 2, Get 1 Free’ instead of ‘Buy Two, Get One Free’
  • Add an end date to say create a sense of urgency
  • Display your product or results from your service whenever possible 
  • Use bold text and font for maximum impact 

42. The New Yorker

The New Yorker
Instagram promotional ads don’t always have to be fancy—simplicity is equally effective

What works:

  • Mentions its target audience explicitly 
  • Smart color scheme 

This New Yorker magazine ad aims to entice people to take advantage of its limited period offer. It clearly states users can get 12 weeks at an incredible price of $6, plus a free tote bag. What’s more, the ad gives a glimpse of the three tote bags one can get if they subscribe to The New Yorker.

Brownie points for the light-colored backdrop that keeps your attention on the totes and the offer.

43. The Guide to Better

The guide to better
This ad does a good job of highlighting the offer and the benefits

What works:

  • Good promotional offer placement 
  • Highlights key ingredients that support product benefits

The Guide to Better uses this ad to promote their Limited Edition Peppermint Dream Powder that can help users achieve their best sleep. To support its claim, the brand lists the ingredients used to make the formula that are well known for their sleep-inducing properties.

The 40% discount is placed against a stark white background and highlighted using an enlarged, bold font for maximum effect.

44. MAC

Mac cosmetics
Try to enhance the promotional offer as much as possible

What works:

  • Instantly gets your attention to the main offer
  • Uses best-selling products to establish credibility

This MAC ad is an instant attention-grabber with its black font and neon green backdrop. It works beautifully, as the ’Buy 2, Get 1’ offer caught our attention immediately. Plus, adding a couple of bestsellers from the brand serves as quick reminders of the stuff users can add to their cart after swiping up on the ‘Shop Now’ CTA.

45. Pressed Juicery

Pressed Juicery
Use words like ‘Limited‘ or ‘Valid till stocks last‘ to create a sense of urgency

What works:

  • Minimalist design
  • Creates a sense of urgency

This carousel ad from Pressed Juicery takes a simple route. All it talks about is the offer and that it’s available for a limited time, encouraging users to make the most of it. The ad also shows off the brand's range of cold-pressed juices and plant-based soft-serve freezes, the two items the offer applies to.

Additionally, Pressed Juicery maintains full transparency by clearly stating the terms and conditions of the offer to prevent any misunderstandings down the line.

46. Billie 

Billie nails this promotional Instagram ad despite using minimal text

What works:

  • Burst of colors and bubbles make the ad more lively
  • Straightforward and direct

Despite having a very short ad copy, this Billie ad gets you to pay attention. 

It’s a great example of what the right backdrop color and text placement can do for a promotional ad. Despite being direct and straightforward, the ad still creates a sense of urgency by using words like 'Hurry' and 'Limited Time.' A well-placed CTA encourages users to take action.

47. Fruit Stand

Fruit Stand
Show off your products in the promotional ads as much as possible – source

What works:

  • Keeps the attention on the promotional offer
  • Uses fresh vegetables and fruits (products on offer) as background

KlientBoost designed this great Instagram ad for Fruit Stand, a monthly subscription box for exotic fruits. We’ve purposely kept the attention on the fruits and vegetables offered by the company to add color as well as give users a hint of the things offered by Fruit Stand. 

Notice how each ad highlights the deal—10% off and Save 20%—and features the same color palette for retentive branding.

Best testimonial Instagram ad examples

Fact: 83% of people trust reviews (or peers) over ads.

So imagine what combining both together will do for your Instagram campaign. Sharing customer testimonials and reviews and social proof is a great way to grow your follower list and boost sales.

What’s more, your testimonials and reviews don’t need to stay limited to customers. You can get testimonials from:

  • your employees
  • industry experts like influencers
  • renowned third-party sites like TrustRadius, G2Crowd, and Yelp

Just make sure you have the person’s consent whose content you plan on using for your ads.

48. Christie Mims

Christie Mims
Experiment with fun backgrounds and elements to add a touch of pizzazz to your testimonial ads

What works:

  • Customer image along with the testimonial
  • Pops of colors bring a fun touch

Christie Mims, the founder of Coach Pony, helps new life coaches learn the business side of coaching. To show how users can benefit by signing up for a community, she uses a testimonial from one of her existing customers. The fact she also includes the image of the customer adds more credibility.

A bold colorful background brings a fun finishing touch.

49. Superhuman

Superhuman co
Testimonial Instagram ads involve using user-generated content to build credibility

What works:

  • Tweet proves Superhuman can streamline workflows
  • Establishes social proof

A customer tweeted how Superhuman changed their entire workflow in just 24 hours, and quite generously may we add. The company smartly used the tweet to market itself on Instagram to establish social proof and encourage more users to give the service a try.

50. Quince

Instead of opting for what the reviews, Quince uses a simple star rating

What works:

  • Comparison informs viewers how Quince is better than other premium brands
  • Simple star rating supports the minimalist aesthetic

Quince takes the tried-and-tested route of comparing itself with other fancy brands. It establishes its superiority over other fancy brands in areas that Quince’s target customers commonly consider when purchasing bed linens. 

We also like how this ad puts the spotlight on Quince, making its ratings stand out against the muted backdrop.

51. Madefor 

Social proof can make a huge difference for your ads—just look at this one from Madefor

What works:

  • Names popular publication as social proof and to build credibility
  • Clearly communicates product benefit

Collect and display social proof. You've probably heard this piece of advice from every expert marketer. This Madefor ad shows you how you can use it for your Instagram ads.

Madefor uses a different kind of social proof than others in the first ad: proof from the media. You see a screenshot of a People article used as its creative. The other ad highlights the names of other popular publications. This works wonders for the company. Having such recognizable names alongside the brand gives them more credibility.

52. Clearbit

Clearbit uses customer testimonials to convince visitors to use its products and services

What works:

  • Uses a testimonial from a well-known business
  • No-nonsense design keeps the focus on testimonials

This Instagram ad highlights a customer testimonial from Drift, a reputable company, to generate more leads. In line with Facebook ads best practices, the ad copy is less than 20% of the entire ad. This makes the testimonial simple and easy to read, getting the message across effectively.

Best Instagram influencer ad examples

Instagram is one of the biggest influencer marketing platforms in existence today. Major brands are partnering with influencers across the globe to boost sales and create brand awareness (and see great results). So not hopping on the bandwagon will only put your brand behind your competitors.

Here are some of our top tips when roping in an influencer to post about your product or service:

  • Ask the influencer to post about your product or service just as they would post about non-sponsored things
  • Keep track of metrics
  • Always choose quality over quantity
  • Make sure the posts are genuine—nothing overly commercialized or forced
  • Find influencers that match with your brand image and share the same target audience

53. Cozy Earth

You can use multiple influencer videos for your ads—just like this one from Cozy Earth

What works:

  • Energetic, high energy
  • Compiles multiple influencer videos

Why use just one influencer for an ad, when you can compile a bunch of influencer videos?

This Cozy Earth ad shows four influencers sharing experience using Cozy Earth bamboo bedding. Each influencer discusses what they like best about the bedding, which also highlights different product USPs in a non-salesy and refreshing way. Another huge advantage of this approach is you get access to the followers of all the influencers through a single ad.

54. Beam

You don’t always need big influencers with millions of followers. Partnerships with micro-influencers can also enhance your reach.

What works:

  • Striking ad design
  • Good hashtags

This simple Instagram ad shows off popular influencers doing the same thing: enjoying a cup of delicious Beam. 

Notice how there's no obvious call to action or product highlight for the product—just regular images featuring the product. All images look like they could be posted by a friend and after a while you catch on with what they're trying to say: "Everyone is drinking Beam."

Beam is also smart because while targeting you with the influencer ads, they sprinkle in ads from their own profile with blatant CTAs and product info. It makes it easy to tie all the ads together. Safe to say, viewers will remember the product.

55. BYLT x Daries Lindsay

Show the influencers actually using your product or service

What works:

  • Ad is run from the influencer's account
  • Stays in line with influencer's usual content

Instagram influencer, Daries Lindsay, is shown rocking a pair of BYLT joggers while exercising and running here. 

The whole ad is cleverly directed showing us a mix of closeups and long shots—all of which do an excellent job of showing the different USPs of the joggers, ranging from the stretchy fabric to large zipper pockets to an excellent fit. But what makes this BYLT ad truly stand out is it's run from the influencer's account. This makes the ad feel less salesy. 

56. KAN Kitchen x Chef Kenji

Make your instagram influencer ads as easy-going and regular as possible—just like this one from Kan kitchen

What works:

  • Subtle promotion
  • Shows product live in action

Who better to advertise your kitchen knives than the world-renowned American chef and food writer Kenji?

The ad uses a video review from Kenji, who not only shows the sharp knives live in action, but also shares his personal experience using the knives. Kenji goes on to describe the knife's features and talks about the exceptional customer service provided by the owner.

That said, this ad does have one big opportunity for improvement.

You can't hear Kenji's review unless the sound is on. To avoid this problem, it should have added captions so everyone can learn about Kenji's experience with KAN.

Iinfluencer marketing can be very flexible—all you need is someone who matches your style and targets the same audience as yours.

Create your own best Instagram ad examples

And that’s it from us, phew.

We hope this guide has given you a lot of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. If you want some inspiration for your Facebook ads, you can check out our FB ad examples article.

Any good ad makes the audience the primary focus—it either teaches them something useful, entertains them, or inspires them (sometimes all three). When designing your own Instagram ad, make sure it ticks off at least one of these three goals. 
If you want to nail Instagram marketing, learn more about how KlientBoost can help you make your brand shine and skyrocket your ROI.

Chapter 3:
Instagram Ads

What You’ll Learn: Instagram is a huge piece of the Facebook puzzle. Here you can learn about the specifics—from how to ace Instagram Ads to ad examples to tips specifically for IG.

Chapter 4:
Facebook Audiences

What You’ll Learn: The right audiences with the right offer will make or break your Facebook success, make sure you prioritize correctly.

Chapter 5:
Facebook Campaign & Ad Types

What You’ll Learn: Discover the different ad types you can use through Facebook to drive the results you want.